Monday, 24 March 2008

Red Button Join World Health Organisation's "Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage Network"

Red Button Design have been accepted into the World Health Organisation's "Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS) Network"

The Network will strive to empower people without access to improved water sources, plus those with improved but unsafe sources, to take charge of their own drinking water safety by working with communities to implement effective, affordable and sustainable HWTS interventions.

The WHO produced the following statement:

"Studies have shown that improving the microbiological quality of household water by on-site or point-of-use treatment and safe storage in improved vessels reduces diarrheal and other waterborne diseases in communities and households of developing as well as developed countries. The extent to which improving drinking water quality at the household level reduces diarrheal disease probably depends on a variety of technology-related as well as site-specific environmental and demographic factors that require further investigation, characterization and analyses. Reductions in household diarrheal diseases of 6-90% have been observed, depending on the technology and the exposed population and local conditions.

The most promising and accessible of the technologies for household water treatment are filtration with ceramic filters, chlorination with storage in an improved vessel, solar disinfection in clear bottles by the combined action of UV radiation and heat, thermal disinfection (pasteurization) in opaque vessels with sunlight from solar cookers or reflectors and combination systems employing chemical coagulation-flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and chlorination. All of these systems have been shown to dramatically improve the microbiological quality of water.

Further development, refinement, implementation, evaluation and comparison of household water treatment and safe storage technologies is both justified and encouraged."

Red Button Design look forward to being able to contribute to the Network beginning with a series of field trials in the Mewat region of India this summer.

HWTS Information Leaflet


Billy the Fish said...

Does this mean that you will be testing a R.O.S.S. equipment in India????????

Anonymous said...

Hello RBD
Please can you confirm Mr Fish's request..........the world awaits

Amanda said...

Hi billy the fish!
India is indeed one of the countries in which we will be testing the system, yes.

Anonymous said...

Hello Amanda,
Please can you advise which other coutries you will be testing the unit in?
Where will you be publishing your test data?
Will you be using a university or other organisation to verify your test result?
Will you be publishing before and after laboratory analysis of raw and treated product quality?
Thank you

Amanda said...

Those are some big questions to address in a blogger comments thread! Perhaps you could send me an email at (make sure you introduce yourself!) and we can discuss it via email.