Monday, 2 June 2008

Amanda and James to Keynote at the SECC

James and I have the honour of opening the Growing Your Own Business Conference which will be held at the SECC on June 13th.

After the opening address we will also be speaking about small business growth strategies, qualities of successful CEOs, the importance of setting a company vision and attracting finance, using examples from our own experiences and those of the many successful companies we have had the fortune to learn from.

If you are interested in attending or finding out more please see the
growing your own business website

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Wendy1954 said...

Morning Amanda.

On a visit to Kenya, I watched a small girl carrying a huge yellow bucket and fill it from something you would hate to wash your feet in.

Was blown away when I saw your design on DD but heard no more.

So keen to know that it was still going ahead, have hunted your website down.

Really, just wanted to know where your product is being used at the moment and what the immediate future has in store.

Your product WILL revolutionise and save the lives of people all over the world and needs to be with them now, whether in a disaster or daily use.

Just concerned that it is not sitting under a pile of paperwork delaying it from being where it is so sorely needed right now.

With warmest good wishes and thanks.