Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Red Button Design Inform New NESTA Innovation Programme

Last Monday, James and I attended a "Youth-Led Innovation Seminar". A pleasingly unpunctuated and ambiguous name for what is an incredibly meaningful piece of research commissioned by NESTA, The National Youth Agency and Changemakers, to analyse current practice around youth-led innovation.
Not an Innovation Seminar that itself, was Youth-Led!

In brief, this seminar brought together young people, youth practitioners, and ‘thought leaders’ with four goals in mind:

1: To share experiences and examples of youth-led innovation;
2: To identify some of the challenges with which young people are faced as they lead innovative projects
3: To examine what makes a successful youth-led innovation project
4: To explore how NESTA might best facilitate youth-led innovation in the future.

The outcome of this research will inform the development of a new NESTA programme designed to support youth-led innovation. The project is ongoing, and The NYA and Changemakers are currently carrying out 20 case studies of youth led innovation in the UK for publication, and developing a guide for practitioners in supporting YLI.

Red Button Design are extremely flattered to be one of these 20 case studies of successful youth-led innovation*. We're very excited to continue to work with NESTA and appreciate how great an opportunity this is to have our opinions not simply heard and recognised but actually acted upon, in what we hope will be a groundbreaking and highly implementable new innovation programme.

* I'm not sure if we're more flattered that we still count as 'youthful' or for being considered one of the most 20 'innovative' Companies NESTA could find to lend it's tagline, "Making Innovation Flourish", to!


Ivan Salcedo said...

The event was recorded and has been made available online here:
NESTA web team

Amanda said...

Actually, the video above was an entirely separate event held in conjunction with Channel 4.

It is interesting, however, and a good illustration of the many ways NESTA is speaking out about innovation.