Friday, 6 February 2009

Snowed Under!

Opportunities to become all to busy have presented themselves in droves at RBD-HQ this month.
James and I are wading our way through some re-brand and CAD work, scores of exhibitions, funding applications, posh events, investment proposals and meetings.

James had a photo shoot*, I had an interview and then, like the rest of the UK, we got snowed under literally, as well as figuratively!
Add to this James' full-time Masters Degree and my growing side business attending speaking engagements and doing consultancy work (which, incidentally, is causing me to be in London so often, at the moment, that I consider myself to be a London based worker with the world's longest commute!) and quite clearly. I haven't been blogging.

But worry not!

The rest of the planet have. And in the absence of the time or coherency to construct an interesting post myself, here are my top 5 blog posts of the week!

Foreign Aid, Bad Governments: Why helping entrepreneurs is the right approach. - Acumen Fund

Co-preneurs & Power Couples - Social Edge

Oooh Lots of Lovely Government Money! - Catalyst

Meet The Other 360! (Number of intelligent civilisations can be quantified) - BBC

Made to be a Hand-Me-Down - Springwise

*more to come on this later!

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Rodney Schwartz said...

very kind of you to include us
as we do not get invited to davos and other fine events, we have plenty of time to blog! keep up your excellent work!
rod schwartz