Saturday, 16 January 2010

#3: Brevity is good.

Throughout Jan I will be posting installments of the "12 entrepreneurial lessons I learnt from 2009" series

So far: Introduction, Lesson #1, Lesson #2

It's generally the case that the more important the person you're contacting:
    a) the more valuable their time is
    b) the greater your desire to make a good impression

Quite often getting directly to the 'ask' or using bullet points is portrayed as rude. Real rudeness is writing a 500 word email when 50 words will do.

    - it wastes their time
    - it wastes yours
    - it lowers the chance they'll read and/or reply to you

Lesson #3:
Brevity is good

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jimmyMBE said...

excellent - I like this one..