Tuesday, 18 December 2007

How many emails can a BlackBerry hold?

Just a quick one to sincerely thank everyone for their congratulatory messages and offers of support.

There's a joke in the Red Button Offices that as I don't work for a wage (yeah - that's a point all of you who want to get into this entrepreneurship lark! 9 months without an income... ouch!) but because I don't get paid in a financial sense I get paid with tit bits of praise and thanks. Infact I believe the term "Approval Junkie" has been coined for me. Nevertheless despite Oxford Said's Business School deciding that our £45,000 prize winnings wont be transferred until January (!) and the resulting frugal Christmas at RBD-HQ knowing so many of you share our visions will spur me on for another wage-less month!

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