Saturday, 29 December 2007

Red Button Design visited by 1 in 400 UK residents

3,300,000 people watched "The Dragons' Den" on December 17th

Web stats indicate that around 108,000 people visited Red Button Design's website between 9pm Mon 17th and 9pm Wed 19th.

So.... 3.3%, around 1 in 30 people, who saw Red Button on TV looked us up online....
The average response rate for targeted advertising is 0.7%

Overall in December we had over 147,000 visitors to

Less than 4% of those visitors used a Mac

6 months ago our biggest referrer was facebook.
Now it is shared by Google and
6 months ago we had an average of 60 users a day visit the site.
Now we average 4,901.

The CIA think there are 60,776,238 people in the UK,

1 in 18 people in the UK watched the Dragons' Den (5.5% of the population)

1 in 400 people in the country have been to our website at some point.

*dashes out to buy dark glasses and a headscarf!*

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